About Island Mist Spring Water in Jamaica

Faboso Traders Company Limited is a privately owned limited liability company which was incorporated in Jamaica in July 2002. We operate under business name, Faboso Traders Company Limited and/or Island Mist. Our core function is the distribution of our bottled Island Mist Spring Water, Faboso water coolers and related accessories. We also provide services related to general repair and maintenance of water coolers; supply of restaurant and hotel supplies and janitorial supplies such as garbage bags, hand towels, tissue and the associated dispensers. We are located at 20 Retirement Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

Vision Statement

To achieve and maintain leadership of the bottled water industry and related services in a manner that positively impacts the lives of our customers and shareholders whilst contributing to the development of our island Jamaica.

Mission Statement

To excel in the creation and delivery of a comprehensive range of quality products and services that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations in a prudent financial and environmentally friendly manner.


Island Mist Spring Water, Jamaica
Address: 20 Retirement Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica | Phone: (876) 754-1988 | Fax: (876) 754-1989 | Email: fabosotraders@cwjamaica.com